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Studio One Style Bar Love

"I'm so excited a blow dry bar is coming to this area! Now I don't have to wait for my yearly trip to New York to visit one! I will be there once a week!!!" ...Natalie

Studio One Style Bar Love

"Finally, I can get my hair washed and blown out after my facial. I can leave without having wet oily hair! Yay!" ...Stephany

"I have such a busy schedule, it's hard to get together with my friends. This is a great opportunity to spend time with them while receiving my regular scheduled services. What a great concept!" ...Mel

"This studio will be an amazing place for me to get ready with my bridal party on my wedding day in November. I can't wait until it opens!" ...Rachael

Studio One Style Bar Love

"I'm sending my kids to the movies right there in the mall and coming to Studio One for time to myself. I hope it opens soon!" ...Rose

Studio One Style Bar Love

"So affordable and so many options. This is going to be great!" ...Kacy

Studio One Style Bar Love

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